Launching Clovers Network 🍀

August 20th 00:00 CEST (Monday night at midnight)

Billy Rennekamp


I’m excited to announce that Clovers will be deployed to the Ethereum Mainnet tonight at midnight CEST (6pm EST) as part of Berlin Blockchain Week at EthBerlin and TEGG. This means that the website will be live and users can begin finding and registering real Clovers!

The launch will entail many things but one is that the remaining $10k from the ECF that Clovers received as a grant will be used to provide initial liquidity to the reward pool. This pool of money is used as part of the bonding curve market maker that allows users to exchange Clover Coins earned in-game for real Ether. For more details on how the market works take a look at our new forum.

Clovers’s Economy in a nutshell

If you’d like to participate in the Clovers economy and support the project, consider buying some Clover Coin! There is no ICO and there is no premine. They are available to the public via the mechanic mentioned earlier and once the site is live will be accessible here. Clovers Network is an experiment and an artwork and this is an opportunity for you to help support the stability of the in-game economy (not an investment).

If you are coming to EthBerlin, please visit Clovers at the Cryptoeconomic Lab from Friday til Sunday where there will be a QR sticker hunt, 3D printing and other cryptoeconomic experiments on display. There will also be a Culture Room at EthBerlin featuring new sculptures that were originally developed as part of the residency program at Pioneer Works last Autumn in New York.

If you are coming to TEGG as part of DappCon, please look out for Cory Levinson, who will be presenting on our use of Block Science’s cadCAD software to simulate the Clovers economy in preparation for launch. If you can’t attend or you’d like to see an extended description of this process check out the video from the Token Engineering Meetup in Berlin.

Clovers at Token Engineering Berlin

I’d like to thank all the ️contributors to Clovers Network 💚 The project wouldn’t exist without the massive support it’s received from so many people and the tireless efforts from the team at Bin Studio.